*Dedicated to The Crabb Family by Amber & Amanda*

From Amanda:

First I just want to say thanks for stopping by our site dedicated to the Crabb Family. After attending another concert this past weekend, we knew we had to make a site for the Crabb Family. The Crabb Family is the best Southern Gospel group alive. Words can never explain our thanks to them. They are not like any other group...they're different. No matter what they are doing or how they feel, they will always talk with you, pray with you, take a picture with you or whatever you want. That's one thing that I like about them.

The Crabb Family also has such wonderful music that is inspiring to many. Their music has ministered to my life so much. In February 2001, my church had the Crabb Family for the first time. I can honestly say that I was not right with the Lord and I really wasn't a SGM fan. But when I left that concert, my life was changed. I wanted to listen to SGM all the time, especailly the Crabb Family, and I knew my walk with God was totally changed for the good. And I thank God for that night when my life was changed.

Still today, I love the Crabb Family so much and I thank God for allowing them to travel and for calling them to minister to lost souls. I thank the Crabb Family for everything they do and I love them so much! Thanks!


From Amber:

Hey everyone! I just wanna say thanks for stopping by our web site. This site is for the best Southern Gospel group and it's fans in the world. That's right you guessed it "The Crabb Family" and it's Crabb fans.

I recently saw them in concert at the VGCC civic center for the third time. It was so awesome. You could really feel the Holy Spirt in the building. I loved every minute of it.

If you have never heard about them, then here's a little about them: They are made up of 2 sisters Terah and Kelly and 3 brothers Jason, Adam & Aaron (Aaron and Adam are twins).

I hope you enjoy the web site has much as Amanda and I enjoyed making it for you. Thanks for stopping by and a big thanks to the Crabb Family for making their music and reaching out to the lost souls.


PS: Yall can email us at CrabbFans06@yahoo.com or you can i/m us on Yahoo as CrabbFans06 or AoL as CrabbFans06!


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The picture to the right is of the Crabb Family in Hawaii!

Updated: March 01, 2004