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The Most Recent Crabb News

The Cross

Verse I:

To some it's just an emblem a formality.
It's a symbol that's been used so frequently.
Many blaspheme and despise.
Though it's ancient, it abides.
A shrine to death that stands for life to me.


There was a cross made for the Son of God at Calvary.
Two pieces of rough timber on a hill.
Through His hands and through His feet,
He took the nails for you and me.
Angels watched as He died for the lost.
Though He could have walked away He chose the cross.

Verse II:

You see why this old emblem is so dear to me.
It stood for suffering, yet it brought us peace.
It bridged the gap for me.
Offered cleansing for our sins.
An icon that reminds us that we're free.


God forbid that I should ever let my memory fade.
But forever keep the cross in view for that's where I was saved.



~The Crabb Family will be having a program on TBN.

~The Crabb Family sang the anthem for one of the UK games in February.

~ Aaron & Amanda Crabb are expecting a boy sometime in 2004.

~The Kentucky CrabbFest 2004 is scheduled for Wednesday July 7 - Sunday July 11, 2004. Log on to www.thecrabbfamily.com to reserve your tickets for this awesome event.   


~The Crabb Family was featured on the cover of the January issue of the Singing News.

~The Crabb Family was nominated for a Grammy.

 ~ Mike & Kelly Bowling had their baby girl on September 30, 2003. Her name is Katelann Elaine.

~ The Crabb Family has 2 new buses.

~ The Crabb Family has hired a babysitter {Heather} and a new bass guitar player, Lori.

~ They also have had a keyboard player {Justin Rivers} and a new drummer {John Michael} for a couple months now. Also they have hired a new babysitter named Heather.

~ Jon and Terah are taking a break from the road. 




*Jason- March 3

*Kristi- March 8

*Kelly- March 17




Updated: March 01, 2004